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world blindness outreach



  • What is The World Blindness Outreach?
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  • Play Golf


  • The History of The World Blindness Outreach


  • Past and Future Missions


  • Receive Help in the Lebanon Valley
    • What are Local Programs?
    • What does it cost?
    • How do I know I can be eligible for services?


  • Donate Online


  • Volunteer
  • Host A Mission
  • Organizational Purpose


  • About the WBO Open
  • Next WBO Open
    • Scheduled Events
    • Sponsorship Information
  • Previous Opens
    • Past WBO Champions


  • The Latest News


How can YOU help?

Donate Money
The World Blindness Outreach is a non-profit organization run entirely through fundraising and donations. Click here to learn more about how you can help to change the lives of those in need of ophthalmological surgery.

Learn More About Donations

Volunteer Your Time
Can't contribute a monetary donation but would still like to help the World Blindness Outreach? Click here to learn how you can volunteer your time to assist those in need.

Learn More About Volunteering

Play Golf
Enjoy a round of golf while contributing to the World Blindess Outreach. The annual WBO Open is held in August at the Hershey Country Club. Register your pair today!

Learn More About Golfing

How can YOU help?
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